A Wired Certified Platinum building guarantees tenants have the maximum level of choice when selecting an internet service provider, as well as full distribution of fiber connectivity throughout the building. Best in class infrastructure is in place to ensure protection against service interruptions. Administrative best practices are employed by management to streamline tenants' ability to get connected.


A Wired Certified Gold building offers tenants choice of multiple high-speed broadband providers and provides direct access to fiber connectivity on the majority of floors in the building. Supporting infrastructure is in place to ensure redundant, diverse internet connectivity is available to tenants who require backup voice or data services


A Wired Certified Silver building indicates that the broadband quality and supporting infrastructure in place can easily support the core operations of the vast majority of commercial tenants. More than one internet service provider is available to enable choice of voice and data services, including at least one high-speed fiber network connected to the building.


A Wired Certified Connected building provides sufficient internet connectivity for commercial tenants that are not fully dependent on high-bandwidth applications such as cloud services and web conferencing. Measures are implemented to reduce risk of connectivity loss/interruption.


What is the purpose of WiredNYC?

WiredNYC is a platform for landlords to share information about broadband with potential tenants. Landlords can market their buildings to tenants who rely on high-speed connectivity, and tenants can use this information to find buildings that meet their telecommunications needs.

Is participation in WiredNYC mandatory for landlords?

No. Participating landlords voluntarily provide information about the broadband in their buildings by taking a survey on the WiredNYC website.

What if the buildings I am interested in are not yet participating?

Once you create an account, you can set alerts targeting the buildings and neighborhoods you are interested in learning more about. We will email you whenever we post data that meets your interests.

How do you confirm the accuracy of the WiredNYC data?

Buildings that receive Wired Certifications undergo a thorough building audit by a team of technicians to validate accuracy and completeness. Data displayed for non-certified buildings is not validated.

What is Wired Certification?

Wired Certification is an official set of standards developed and approved by an NYCEDC-appointed Advisory Board for assessing internet services in NYC buildings

What can I expect to find in buildings with different Wired Certification scores?

The Wired Certification description section defines expectations for different levels of Wired Scores

What type of information do landlords provide about their buildings?

We ask landlords questions that make clear the key factors that impact a tenant’s ability to access to the best broadband possible to support their business. These factors include: choice, time to service, redundancy, resiliency, and flexibility.

Are all buildings eligible to participate in WiredNYC?

Only commercial office buildings and industrial buildings in New York City are currently eligible for the program. Commercial office includes: multi-tenant office buildings; single-tenant office buildings; corporate facilities; government buildings; medical office buildings; and multi-use/mixed-use buildings

What does Preliminary Wired Certification mean?

Preliminary buildings are in the queue to be validated and to receive official Wired Certification. The data provided by the landlords of these buildings has not yet been validated by the Wired team, but the preliminary rating provides a strong indication of the level of internet connectivity found in the building

Wait, I can't find the building I am targeting. Why not?

All commercial buildings in NYC are searchable if you type in the right address; that said, our database is not perfect. Please email info@wiredscore.com if you are stuck and we will track down the info you are looking for

My landlord is not sharing any information through WiredNYC. What can I do?

Search for the building you are interested in using the search bar. When you find it, click "Request survey" or "Request building participation" on the building's profile. The WiredNYC team will notify landlords that the public is eager for them to join the program and share about their building's capabilities

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