WiredNYC is an initiative of the Bloomberg Administration aimed at bringing transparency to broadband connectivity in NYC office buildings

Our core mission is to encourage landlords and tenants to share information about broadband infrastructure in their buildings

A program designed to help both:

  • Landlords - to understand their internet offerings and market them as amenities

  • Tenants - to make better informed searches for office space

How it works

    Landlord submits data about a building's internet capabilities


    WiredNYC evaluates the data and determines a certification score


    Tenants search to find buildings that provide their desired level of connectivity


New York City
- Lure new businesses; help existing businesses grow
- Spur innovation and attract new jobs
- Become the global hub for technology

- Attract more tenants
- Keep current tenants happy
- Enhance value of properties

- Find office space that meets your tech needs
- Choose between multiple service providers
- Access the highest quality broadband

"We're measuring how connected our city's buildings are and sharing that information,
so that entrepreneurs are empowered to make the best decisions about where to open
a business...more and more companies will say, 'I'm not going to be there if they don't have it.'"

-Mayor Bloomberg

Wired Certification

Our program utilizes a standard scoring system that presents simple, clear
information to help tenants easily research and compare buildings

Wired Certification is an official set of standards developed and approved by an NYCEDC-appointed Advisory Board for assessing internet services in NYC buildings

We are endorsed by leading organizations in real estate and technology who support improved transparency to help NYC become the best city for internet in the world

Get Certified
  • Register - Create a validated account and register as a representative of your building

  • Take survey - Complete our survey to receive a Wired score and assess your building's internet capabilities

  • Get certified - arrange for a building audit by one of our telecom experts to earn official Wired Certification

  • Certification scoring standards were developed by a team of experts in telecom, real estate, and IT

    Buildings are evaluated on attributes such as Connectivity Options and Infrastructure - things that are important to businesses and startups

    Rating scores range from "Connected" (meeting minimum level) to "Platinum" (best in class) to describe various levels of service

Improving Buildings
  • We realize that gaining access to the best broadband is not easy, so we aim to support landlords interested in improving their Wired score

    We have preferred relationships with internet service providers and a curated network of the top tech advisers in NYC, and can connect you with the best resources to help upgrade your building

    Please contact us to discuss how we can help

Staying Connected
  • Stay up to date with WiredNYC as we take over the city. Since our launch in September 2013, 50 commercial properties have received certified Wired Scores. Check out our blog, Staying Connected, for more information about NYC's most connected buildings and what we're doing to improve internet connectivity in the Big Apple. Also, sign up below to receive our bi-weekly newsletter, WiredNYC News.

    Visit our blog: blog.wiredscore.com

In The News
  • Starting Up Is Hard To Do

    When CEO Mattan Griffel was looking for office space for his company, One Month Rails, he was disappointed to see places with long lease terms and such high prices. Like many other start-ups in New York City, decade long lease terms and increasing prices deter many companies from setting up shop. Oftentimes, young companies don't want to commit to a 15-year lease, not knowing where their company will be over a decade from now. Landlords also feel the uncertainty and may be uneasy leasing space to a company without a proven track record or any assurance that the company can continue to pay rent until the end of the term. For those start-ups that do manage to find commercial space within their budget, companies also have to worry about a building's internet connectivity. With WiredNYC, New York City start-ups can find the information they need to decide whether a building's internet infrastructure can support their company's needs.


Keeping Score
  • TAMI Tenants Flock to 915 Broadway

    Nearly 300 tech companies work out of offices in the Flatiron District. One of the buildings tech tenants are flocking to is the newly Platinum Certified 915 Broadway. Perched on the southwest corner of 21st Street and Broadway, the 250,000 square foot building has a tech company on almost every floor. Notable tenants include the forward-thinking educational institution General Assemb.ly, Valar Ventures a venture capital fund started by Paypal founder Peter Thiel, and Union Square Ventures, an early investor in Kickstarter, Twitter, Etsy and Meetup.

    "We're attracting companies whose entire business revolves around the internet," said Alex Kaskel of ABS Partners Real Estate. "For these tenants, time is money. They can't do anything without fast and reliable internet."


Tech TidBITS
  • The telecom industry can seem like a confusing mix of products and service providers. From fiber to voice-over IP, landlords and tenants alike are faced with challenges when it comes to bringing these services into their buildings or choosing a service for their business. High-speed internet connectivity is no longer a luxury for tenants, it is a necessity. Without a fast and reliable internet connection, phones won't ring and emails can't be sent.

    It is usually the tenants that demand the need for better internet connectivity because their bottom lines depend on it. In order to give tenants the services they need, it is important for landlords to understand what internet options are available from service providers throughout the city.

    The city's most connected buildings have quality connections, redundancy, access and choice. This series of posts will examine these four hallmarks of a "Wired" building. We'll also explore how tenants can recognize the kind of connectivity their businesses require and how landlords can accommodate tenants' needs.



Currently, only commercial office buildings may participate

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